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Inspiration LA: JJ Wessels – Matix Ambassador A conversation over musty vintage clothes? 'But I Like it!"

Gabe Clement and JJ with the "Inspiration LA" one-off tee that was printed during the event.

SWELL: Hey JJ, thanks for taking some time to talk to us. “Inspiration LA” is pretty awesome and somewhat overwhelming for me, It’s my first year at the event. Have you been to the event before this year? How has your experience been so far?

JJ: I’ve been coming to the event since it started really, I was invited by Rin Tanaka. One of my friends, Brian Bent, was featured in a book that Rin published, and I think thats how I met him. It’s been the best event so far, definitely the best turnout. It’s something I wouldn’t miss. it’s something where I’m like “Inspiration is coming up! when is it? where is it?” type thing. (more…)

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Tavik Interview: Behind the Line -Summer 2012

We caught up with Swifty, Tavik’s lead sales rep to get the low-down on their Summer line of men’s apparel. Swifty holds it down at various Newport Beach watering holes, beachbreaks, and concerts… so we knew he’d clue us in on TAVIK’s summer haps.

How would you describe the roots and heritage behind the booming TAVIK brand?
TAVIK is a celebration of modern beach culture. We founded TAVIK in 2004 to create a brand that was reflective of our authentic Southern California lifestyle. Traditional beachwear wasn’t advancing with the modern take on beach culture or music festivals. Since then we’ve been drawing on this inspiration to create premium apparel and accessory collections.

We’ve heard of your exploits at Coachella, how does music influence your styles?
The TAVIK brand is inspired by music and the modern beach culture. Like sub-genres at a music-festival styles are mixed and matched, with a carelessly-free attitude. You can make a statement with our pop-colors and blocking, or easily find pieces that you can wear throughout the day and night.

So TAVIK apparel aims to deliver function and fashion for an epic weekend festival?
Exactly, Our collections are designed to let you re-mix and re-play as you see fit. Summer 2012 offers a variety of pieces inspired by modern geometric design, festival culture, and even a little dose of humor.

How would you sum up the assortment in the Men’s Summer 2012 line? We’re stoked to see the return of “The Shooter” too.
For these collections we’ve designed pieces that can be worn any way you want. Our boardshort line is particularly diverse, as we offer an array of fits, from retro styles in the “Viva” and “Lifesaver” to performance stretch trunks such as the “Birsdnest.” These include quick drying fabrics, and combine the ease of a boardshort, but offer accommodating pockets and gadgetry found in a walk short.

Our classic collaboration continue with legend John Wayne, that’s right “The Duke” himself, and result in the iconic “Shooter” boardshort (banner, left). We also have a “Non-Stop Party” series of hybrids that are designed to be practical while letting you get loose. Be careful to not get carried away as there’s no guarantee that if you get pushed in the pool your phone will stay dry!

We also hear you have a special hook-up for guys gearing up at SWELL?
Yup, for a limited time, any Tavik purchase of $50 or more lands you a free trucker hat. Be sun-conscious while making sure you have the perfect summer tan! Score your’s here

Thanks Swift, we’ll keep an eye out for ya on the penninsula
For sure, and keep an eye out for the Fall 2012 collection for unique ways to keep the summer fun going year-round.

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Mens Trends: Scoop Neck Surf Tees

Need a look to set you apart from the rest of the crew(necks)? These stylish new scoop-neck tees scream style while keeping a casual vibe for a night on the town, or a session at the skate park.  The scoop neck has a thinner or non-ribbed collar with a wider stylized opening.Aloha Surfboards

The new guard of progressive action sport freaks like Dane Reynolds, Mark Appleyard, Warren Smith, and Chippa Wilson rep this style that stumbles between grungy and fashion-forward.

Read on for more about the scoop-neck trend (more…)

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Element Emerald Collection A Premium, Eco-Conscious Collection.

Element is proud to present the Element Emerald Collection, a consciously crafted men’s lifestyle product line, focusing on Conscious by Nature, environmentally friendly materials; designed for the needs of our maturing customer and the organic evolution of our culture.
The name Emerald symbolizes the highest level of green, emphasizing premium quality and eco-consciousness, a natural progression in Element’s legacy.
Photos and more on the Element Emerald Collection collection after the jump. (more…)