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August 18th, 2013 | By | 1,585 Comments

SeaMade: The No Waves Workout A series on surf, cross training and lessons on all things salty by guest blogger, Madison

Southern California is known to be one of the most consistent places for waves in the world. That particular region of the state is a wave magnet that attracts swells from a broad spectrum of directions. But right now, we are in the midst of a shockingly long flat spell. There have been no significant swells over two feet in the last week and nothing is on the radar for the next two weeks. Surfers here have been in complete shock and even the most die hard short boarders have resorted to SUPs, wave kayaks, soft top long boards, and probably even wave jets. I see this as a great opportunity to get some on-land cross-training in, so I’ll be ready for when the waves decide to rerun one of these days. Read on for one of my favorite workouts for building the endurance and lower body strength needed for heavy swells…. (more…)

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Somewhere along the way it became the norm to scrutinize and hate every part of our bodies. When, in fact the human body is a remarkable machine, capable of many great things. Wearing a bikini is waaaaaaay down the list in terms of its accomplishments, yet that seems to be how we judge our bodies worth. I understand that’s part of living nowadays (thank you ads, social media, and photoshop for all distorting our view on this subject 24/7 )…and quite honestly, it stinks. So, I’d like to try and at least switch our focus around. Because I’m an optimist, and that’s what I do.

So here’s a little challenge…. (more…)

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DIY: Hangover Helpers

4th of July celebrations got a little too “independent”? I mean, yeah, me neither.
But in the off case that you DID over-celebrate, we’ve got a few helpful hints to get you back on the beach, and back to living #theSWELLlife. Read on for our top hangover helper tips for your skin and hair and whole body. (more…)

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