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Change with the Seasons

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The end of summer always bums me out, I hate to put away my bikinis and sandals and retreat indoors. But when I feel that first hint of crispness in the air I get a nostalgic excitement that comes along with fall. The change of seasons is always a good time to adjust habits and reprioritize, especially after the carefree buzz of summer. As we move into fall it is great to slow down and take cues from the shift in weather. (more…)

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Style + Travel Guide: Pichilemu, Part II Travel Post by Guest Blogger, Leah.

I was so in love the vibrant and fun town of Pichilemu that I decided to extend my stay by few days. During this time I was able to explore the other stunning beaches and find more fun surf spots. While walking the dirt roads of Pichilemu I found some awesome places to enjoy a local bite and even some cafes that served tea with an ocean view. The weather along the Chilean coast this time of year is pretty chilly (pun intended!). Because of this, I had to leave the kimonos and shorts at home. Instead I had to find cute, stylish clothes versatile enough for a beach and surf trip in a cold climate. This thermal was perfect for keeping me warm, without comprising style. I threw on some boyfriend jeans and a beanie to complete the look. This outfit was darling while also practical enough for discovering new cafes, stores, and views of my favorite beaches in Pichilemu.
(Pictured: Billabong Thermal)

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Style + Travel Guide: Pichilemu, Chile. Travel Post by Guest Blogger, Leah.

Once we reached Chile, the first place we set up camp was a darling beach town called Pichilemu. The drive to Pichilemu was absolutely mesmerizing as we drove along the perfect Chilean coastlines. The moment we arrived in Pichilemu we checked the waves at the world renowned surf spot, Punta de Lobos. Every day we spent in this coastal haven we ran down to check the waves and usually spent at least three hours of our morning there as the guys did not want to get out. We then went into town to grab food and usually spent the rest of the day exploring the coastlines and sometimes even squeezed in another surf at Punta de Lobos.
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One of the first questions I’m asked when health and fitness comes up is this: What do you do? However, it’s asked in a manner that people are hoping I have a live in personal chef, a secret helicopter pad where Gunnar Peterson flies into each day, and some sort of miracle pill that is flown in from Hungary. Well, I am sure someone out there actually does all the above, but definitely not me. Fortunately, one thing I am a firm believer in, is that it’s simple.

If you want to feel great, which usually has an awesome side effect of looking pretty darn great, well…I suggest doing the following regularly, until they all turn into a habit:

Get 8 hours of sleep
Drink lots of water
Be active
Life weights (aka do some sort of resistance training)
And finally…eat clean.

What tends to complicate things…is us. We all have a crazy, frequently used superhuman power: the ability to make an excuse. And we are all experts at it when it comes the the health and fitness department. Save the excuses for justifying a new bikini purchase. Not when it comes to justifying your 4th Super Big Gulp of the week (Guilty as charged.)

So, let’s raise our 8oz glass of water and say cheers to simple, steady, it’s a way of life, good health.
– Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

Pictured: Tavik Bikini
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