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May 25th, 2012 | By | 1,788 Comments

O’Neill Murca Boardshorts -Pong Meets Patriotism

The party animals at O’Neill have institutionalized beer pong as an official summer sport in America. The Murca boardshorts combine pong and patriotism, giving your beer pong team the intimidation factor necessary to edge out your competition across the table.

No gimmicks here! Murca has fully functional features designed to party-proof your game. Beer pong is a messy sport of chucking balls and chugging beers, meaning plenty of collateral damage to your favorite shorts, shirt, cellphone…and dignity. These trunks are made to submerge in and repel liquid, then dry out for the next round. And who hasn’t been forgot a ball or bottle opener? Well, Murca comes with both! The only thing they’re missing is a steam-cleaner for your beer soaked carpet.

Now that you have the gear, it’s time to make the rules of your game. Write down your house rules to avoid disputes, because it will get heated. Pick some fun rules from the SWELL party crew, but don’t enforce too many buzz-killing infractions, just have fun and drink responsibly.

  • 1. Your house, your rules
  • 2. No leaning: Thrower’s elbow cannot break threshold of table, or cup is not counted
  • 3. Both team members sink it, drinks a 3rd cup
  • 4. NBA JAM: Player who makes 3 consecutive cups, and calls “I’m heating up” on the 2nd, shoots until he misses
  • 5. No blowing: unless you’re a girl
  • 6. Bounce/bank shot: drink 2 cups
  • 7. Only 2 re-racks: Teams can request cups re-organized in more a compact area
  • 8. Accidental makes in water cup: Thrower gets cup in face
  • 9. Both team members make in same cup: Shooters throw again
  • 10. Overs: If overthrow ball is caught one-handed without bobbling, thrower drinks
  • 11. Satellite Cup: If you make it into a cup that should be drank, game over.
  • 12. Any left-over beer after the game is drank by losing team
  • 13. Gentleman’s Toss: Balls the bounce back to thrower can be re-thrown behind back with no defense
  • 14. Troll Rule: Player who doesn’t make a cup in a game, sits under the table for the entire next game (see below)
  • 15. Distractions are encouraged, but cannot block view of cup

    Troll rule enforced on Team SWELL

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