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SWELL’s 2011 Holiday Casino party featured a craps table, roulette wheel, and several rounds of hold em. Employees played for raffle tickets and won prizes ranging from gift cards to ipads and even a trip to Vegas. Here’s a quick clip of the night’s festivities. Hope You all Have a Happy Holiday!!

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Happy Holidays from SWELL

Wishing you a SWELL Holiday Season…

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3 REALLY Last-Minute Gift Ideas Gifts to Make In 10 Minutes Or Less

Oops- too much ‘nog lead to leaving someone off your gift list? Or perhaps a friend dropped by with an unexpected gift, and you don’t want to be the jerk that didn’t get them one?
Fret not. Here are a few gifts you can whip up in 10 minutes or less. Just excuse yourself to the little girls/boys room, and get to gifting…you soused little elf, you.

1. Surfrider Membership (time: 1 minute, 37 seconds, depending on quality and detail of card)
You’ll need:
– A computer or smart phone
– Paper
– Box of crayons

How to:
– Click Here: Surfrider Gift Membership
– Buy it (make sure to add the recipient’s info)
– Make a card, letting them know you’ve donated on their behalf

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Top 5 Funny Gifts Bring back the fun: Top white elephant gifts to give and get

Even the best of gift-shakers wouldn’t guess what’s in these sneaky little packages. Just as fun to give as to get, this list of the top 5 funny gifts proves that a smile is priceless (or at least it won’t run you more than $55 bucks).

1. Tavik Jammy Pack
A gift for moves and rump-shakers. A perfect complement to cut-off shorts and roller skates, the Tavik JammyPack.

2. The Amazing Pickle Wax Remover
Hey- pickles are funny. We don’t need to tell you why. Plus, this little green pickle takes off wax in an eco-friendly, chemical-free way. That’s pretty kosher if you ask us.

3. Toddland Brief/Sock Set
Mom was right. Everyone loves a sock or two in their stocking. What she failed to realized is, that as we get older, tightie whites are just plain funny (yet shockingly useful).

4. Funny Tees…take your pick. Our favorite: the Hozell My Peeps Tee

5. Toddland Stupiderer Boxerbrief
Hey there fancy pants. The tuxedo t-shirt has morphed into it’s true party form. Just when they think your gifts couldn’t get any dumber, you go and do something like this…and totally redeem yourself!

What’s the funniest gift you’ve ever received/given?