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February 25th, 2013 | By | 1,543 Comments

Chippa Wilson Signs with Fox

That’s right, Chippa Wilson’s Unemployed Tour is over, as he is the latest acquisition in the Fox surf signing spree. Everyone is super stoked that Fox stepped up to support one of the best aerialists in the game, and we can’t wait to see what Chippa, Bruce and the rest of the Fox team produce.

chippa fox

Chippa will gladly redecorate his quiver and woredrobe with the Fox Head. Photo: ShoresCrew

When Analog pulled out of surfing as part of Burton’s company restructuring, Chippa was left high and dry. Here’s what he did to keep his name in the news while in-between major sponsors, with Volcom’s Central California specialist Nate Tyler. Chippa also ride for Kustom footwear,

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Kustom Airstrike -You Pick Surfing’s Best Aerialist

What better catalyst to spark the future of progressive aerial surfing than 5 of the world’s best, competing for $50K on a Mentawais boat trip? This year’s “winner takes all” event included John John Florence, Albee Layer, Matt Meola, Ryan Callinan, and Chippa Wilson. Freesurfing Innersection winners vs World Title Contender, Ausrtalia vs Hawaii… the boys definitely surfed like they had something to prove.

Watch the fourth and most freakish episode as the boys go for broke, boosting man-sized airs over super shallow razor-reefs. Absent in this episode four was Matt Meola, who head-butted some coral in the third segment of the aerial arms race.

See the other webisodes and vote for your favorite here. Voting ends September 20th, share your favorite in the comments below.

Their insane surfing style in the water is complemented by their new wave of looks on land. From scoop neck tees, to cut-offs and cat-eyes, here’s a list of their sponsors whose styles and gear is available at SWELL.

John John Florence –O’Neill, Vans, Dakine, Future Fins
Ryan Callinan –Billabong, Electric, Nixon
Albee Layer –ERGO Clothing, Xcel, Sanuk
Chippa Wilson –Analog, Nixon, FCS, Kustom
Matt Meola- Dakine, Sanuk, O’Neill, Ocean Minded


December 15th, 2010 | By | 1,850 Comments

NOW. Movie Premiere on

NOW. by Riley Blakeway

Check out the movie premiere of Chippa Wilson’s newest flick, a film by Riley Blakeway playing live all day on

Presented by Analog