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SeaMade: Top 5 Coastal CA Brews A series on surf, cross training and lessons on all things salty by guest blogger, Madison

‘Tis the season to crack a frothy one and get merry with friends and family. Did you know that beer especially comes in handy around the holidays? Just think of all the benefits of beer this time of year… potentially awkward family and work parties get lightened up, there is no preparation except to chill it in the fridge before hosting an ugly sweater party, you can make ordinary recipes (hyperlink ‘recipes’ to extraordinary, and there are countless special holiday editions (make ‘special holiday editions’ hyperlink to Beer season- I think so! Being that San Diego is the craft beer mecca of our country, and possibly the world, we don’t really have a season for extra beer consumption, but for all of you feeling extra keen to drink some crafty brews, you’ve come to the right spot. To follow are my picks for the five best breweries in San Diego (did I hear someone say brewery crawl?) and a standout brew from each. Santa, if you’re reading this, feel free to put these five ales under my tree…
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Cinco De Mayo Party Essentials Set aside the rest of May to apologize for what you're going to do this Cinco de Mayo


Cant decide between a margarita or a beer this Cinco de Drinko? Then combine the best of both booze with a “Beerita” Its a tasty new-school cocktail that looks loco, but can also mellow out a overly saccharine margarita.

2 Part Reposado Tequila
1 Part Cointreau
1 whole lime, squeezed
Limeade to taste
1 Large glass, stable base
1 Mexican Beer


Directions: Pour Tequila, Cointreau, Lime & Limeade over ice in shaker. Shake until chilled, pour into steady serving glass, stopping 2-4 inches from the top. Open beer bottle, quickly upturn beer into the margarita.

As you slurp down the drink, the beer will naturally and evenly empty into the glass. Enjoy your cervazarita, beerita, or whatever you call it responsibly.


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Starbucks Adding Beer & Wine to Menu in Southern California

Beer drinkers of Southern California rejoice! Soon you’ll be able to order a different kind of frothy beverage at select Starbucks locations.

Yesterday the coffee giant announced that it will add beer and wine to the menu of several of its Southern California and Atlanta based locations, as well as a handful of others in the Chicago area by the end of 2012. The beer and wine selection, along with a new assortment of premium food items, will be part of an “extended menu” geared towards people looking to unwind after a long day at work.

Starbucks Brew

This is only a mock up, please don't sue us Starbucks!

Now all you lushes out there can stop by a Starbucks for your daily fix of the sweet stuff and still feel like a respectable citizen! Kidding aside, we’re thinking this makes sense, and are especially stoked to order something other than coffee when we’re trying to score free wifi!

Unbeknownst to many of the imbibers here at SWELL, Starbucks already offers this juiced up menu in five stores across Seattle and Portland. Due to popularity and customer requests, Starbucks has decided to test out this new menu in the areas listed above and, if all goes as planned, they might even bring this to a Starbucks near you!

Unfortunately they will only offer the extended menu in four to six cafes across Southern California and they have yet to announce the specific locations. We here at SWELL are keeping our fingers crossed for the La Pata and Pico joint, but as of now it’s all speculation as to where we’re going to score the new Venti beverages. Either way, I say we all start heckling other chains to follow suit and who knows, maybe we’ll be ordering a McLager with French Fires at our local Mc D’s!

What are your thoughts on Starbucks adding an extended Beer and Wine Menu?