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SeaMade: Beach Weekend Playlist

Black and White Mermaid
Who doesn’t love blasting music while cruising to the beach or laying out in between ocean dips? Here’s a little playlist to groove to and get into weekend beach mode. This edition has a mix of alternative to synthpop to house. Turn it up…
Photo: Kelsey Finn

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Some of the best things for your health…are rarely found in a gym.

A surfboard, a kayak, a paddle board, an outrigger, a mask and fins, hiking boots, a bike that moves, a dog, sunshine, sand, saltwater, fresh air…vitamin D. The list could go on and on. But if you think about it, some of the best things for your health, or even “health equipment” is rarely found in a gym.

If there as a gym that included all of this stuff, sign me up. As long as it’s free. And there aren’t annoying overly spray tanned men in spandex and fanny packs trying to give me surfing tips.
- Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

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A sandy Bum is a happy bum.

Why are there so many sandy bum pictures out there. Well it’s easy. A sandy bum is a happy bum. For two very good reasons… (more…)

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Introducing: SeaMade A series on surf + ocean living by guest blogger, Madison.

mo6 copy

Meet Madison, our newest guest blogger at SWELL!  Although she calls Cardiff home, you’ll often spot this little gyp-sea at breaks and bike lanes all over Southern California. Check back every week for inspiration, instruction and more on all things salty and sandy…

Hello, from Madison!
The majority of my life revolves around the beach and ocean. My mornings consist of meandering down to the bluff overlooking a series of peaks and what I see decides how my day pans out. If the waves look good, I hustle home to grab my favorite surfboard or two. If the waves are looking shabby, I lace up the sneaks and take a coastal cruise by foot or bike, in hopes of finding a decently rideable wave. After my morning ocean commute, I return home to fuel up and work. Of course, my surf lifestyle has to be supplemented in order to not be a total beach bum, so what better way than to work for Surfline. Although I am on my computer A LOT for work and college, I always find time in my day to get to the ocean. There are no excuses to not take at least an hour for yourself during the day. I encourage you to get up, get moving, and take the dive to your nearest waves. Your favorite online surf shop will always wait for you. I promise.  So, tune in here to the Swell Blog every Saturday for blurbs of wisdom from my ocean life that will get you looking and feeling like a mermaid in no time.

- By Guest Blogger, Madison

Pictured: Billabong Surf Jacket / Billabong Vintage Surf Bottom / Raen Sunglasses

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