SWELL’s Male Models Rip Harder than You!
March 8, 2012
Chad Tim TIm

Element Rider Chad Tim Tim 

“Who’s that Guy?!” That’s probably what a lot of you ask when stumbling across the male models our website.  While our female models are professional, magazine-cover-worthy models, most of the guys featured on our site and catalog are team riders for the respective brands.

Why do we use team riders as models?

Technically we could put our clothes on a Derek Zoolander or Fabio type model, but unlike a lot of big chains out there, we like to stay true to our roots and photo our clothes on the real brand ambassadors.

Whether you recognize the riders or not, these are the guys out there in the lineup and on the streets actually wearing & using the clothes/gear we sell. These are the guys battling it out in the contests and pushing the limits of their respective sports, not doing crunches in front of a mirror and perfecting their signature Blue Steel poses.

Sure we get a lot of funny bloopers and unusable photos, but by hiring the team guys for our shoots, we help keep it in the industry and support many up and coming and often underappreciated athletes.

With that said check our first “Who’s That Guy?!” video from our Spring 2012 shoot:

So how do you become a male model for SWELL? You’ve gotta rip!