July 25, 2013

One of the first questions I’m asked when health and fitness comes up is this: What do you do? However, it’s asked in a manner that people are hoping I have a live in personal chef, a secret helicopter pad where Gunnar Peterson flies into each day, and some sort of miracle pill that is flown in from Hungary. Well, I am sure someone out there actually does all the above, but definitely not me. Fortunately, one thing I am a firm believer in, is that it’s simple.

If you want to feel great, which usually has an awesome side effect of looking pretty darn great, well…I suggest doing the following regularly, until they all turn into a habit:

Get 8 hours of sleep
Drink lots of water
Be active
Life weights (aka do some sort of resistance training)
And finally…eat clean.

What tends to complicate things…is us. We all have a crazy, frequently used superhuman power: the ability to make an excuse. And we are all experts at it when it comes the the health and fitness department. Save the excuses for justifying a new bikini purchase. Not when it comes to justifying your 4th Super Big Gulp of the week (Guilty as charged.)

So, let’s raise our 8oz glass of water and say cheers to simple, steady, it’s a way of life, good health.
– Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

Pictured: Tavik Bikini
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