June 26, 2013

Want a better bum? You don’t need a special dvd or Brazilian butt lift life coach. Just learn these two words, make them your friends, and use them regularly: Sprints + Squats.

Squats, in any shape or form, work your bum. Front, back, single leg, jumping, Bulgarian..there are a bunch of options. Do them, and don’t be scared to do them with heavy weights. (Be sure you know how to have good form first, s’il vous plait.)

For sprints. When you are using your legs to run as fast as you can, you also are firing your glutes so you can get more power. Let me illustrate: Google any Olympic sprinter, and check out their buns. Pretty amazing, I know. Swimwear lines should be sending these ladies all of their cheeky bottoms. Then go check out the marathon runners backsides…yeah, not so much. So do sprints, in a park, up a hill, around a track, with your dog. (Just remember to warm up and stretch thoroughly, por favor)

…and watch that bum grow, in a rather great way.

– Guest Blogger, Rebekah Steen

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