SWELL Order-A-Day Giveway…Ending Next Week
January 7, 2012

All good things must come to and end, and the SWELL Order-A-Day Giveaway is no exception. After nearly a year of giving out one free order a day (in Shaka form), we’re sad to say that we’re giving the hands a rest from the perpetual hang loose cycle…we’re simply Shaka’d-out. To celebrate the last week of free orders, here’s a list of our top shaka winner photos of all time. Presenting the Shak-Awards!

Read on to see which photos won the Shak-Awards…

Best Pair Shaka Goes To: Blanca and unnamed roommate

Best Snorkel Shaka Goes To: Elle

Best Sneak-a-Shaka Goes To: Pat

Best-Dressed Shaka Goes To: Allison

And Lastly…the Best Use of the SWELL Shaka Koozie Goes To: Lil Miss Sriracha Shaka

To see all Shaka Shots, Click Here: Shaka Winner Gallery
Feel free to leave any acceptance speeches in the comments.

This is your last week to “Get Shaka’d,” so get your orders in and fingers ready for the Shak-a-ton!
Read more about how you can win your order this week here: SWELL Order-A-Day Giveaway