Surfing Magazine’s Ocean Beach SF -Go There!
November 17, 2011

All year the surf cynics naysayed this season’s big city surf venues on the World Tour, but the conditions at SF and NY bested favorite stops like Trestles and Bells.

The boys elated escaping remote destinations with no diversions for laydays or early exits . Exploring the city with celebrity status was a new experience for most, and twitter post leaked that pro surfers still rage the night before competition to the likes of Archy or Occy.

Enjoy this Surfing Magazine spread that shows OB in all its glory. Reader beware: Ocean Beach is waaaaay heavier than it looks.
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Rip Curl Pro Search: The City

We hoped you enjoyed Surfing’s OB experience, unfortunately The Rip Curl Pro Search is taking a 1 year hiatus to make room for Volcom Pro Fiji.

If this just convinced you to take a surf trip to Ocean Beach San Fransisco, here’s SWELL’s top 6 places to go thaw out your feet.
1. Mollusk Surf Shop -Trip out on iconoclastic surf expression
2. Java Beach Coffee Shop -Get over it and order a Latte
3. Zeitgeist Beer Garden -Very Liberal With Their Pours…and just about anything
4. Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant -Eat, Drink, Mind-Surf
5. Sutro Heights Park -Perched over Kelly’s Cove
6. Club 540 -Order a shot of Chartreuse and your toes will tingle