Back in Stock | Surf Grass Mats A Surf Essential for Wetsuit Protection and Keeping a Clean Kit
November 12, 2013


Shoes off kook! No dirt allowed in the new Poler Tent. Surf Grass Serves as a sick Welcome Mat

surf grass mat

Surfing sucks in an itchy wetty. Wipe your hoofs while you suit up for a session


Respect your rails. Extra padding for surfboard travel via Surf Grass


Towel change, then use Surf Grass Mat as a tailgate pad for your log

9a558f0ef91c11e2882622000a1f985d_7Surfgrass Helipad for the GoPro drone at the US Open of Surfing


Insta Carpet Kit, to throw your wetsuit on that you just pee’d in.

surfgrass matsBeyond the beach, Surf Grass Mats keep any gear off the ground

surf grassA perfect gift for any outdoorsy type. Check out Surfgrass Mats  at SWELL