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A Slice Of Life | Surf Bikinis Guest Series by Stephanie Schechter

Post Three - 1

Every spring, female surfers face a major challenge. No, not finding a lineup that isn’t blown out by 11am… but finding some bikinis that actually stay on while surfing- that still look, you know, cute! There are plenty of bikinis out there dubbed “Surf Swimwear,” but often times their fabric is stiff, their cuts are unflattering, and behold: they STILL fall off. Personally, I have found that for bikini bottoms, cheeky cut, seamless suits actually stay on, and flatter the form of any body type! Of course, for women who want to look awesome while remaining modest, there are plenty of seamless cut full coverage bottoms, which also flatter all shapes and sizes! As far as tops go, coverage can be key. Really, finding tops that stay on while surfing truly depends on body type. As a surfer on the bustier side, I have found that the more coverage and support, the better. Usually sports bra style tops stay on the best, but it is definitely not worth sacrificing style… Fortunately, there are some super rad brands that make some pretty rad tops that provide plenty of sporty support!

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If you are unsure of which style or size suits you best, I recommend ordering suits in a couple sizes and styles, with the expectation of paying a few extra bucks for the return fee – its worth it to have bikinis that fit! A brand I have grown particular fond of is L*Space, which has a wide array of styles for ALL body types. If you want cheeky or full coverage bottoms – they’ve got both! If you want a top to lounge by the pool in… or a top to take some sets on the head in – they’ve got both of those too! If you want a cheeky bottom but aren’t ready to hit the beach in a fully Brazilian style – you’re in luck! Lolli Swimwear and Salt Swimwear both make beautiful and flattering cheeky boy short bottoms, with Lolli’s signature Bow-Bottom, and Salt’s fan-favorite Claudia bottom! For those who dare to bare, L*Space’s Itsy bottoms, and Tori Praver Swimwear’s Little Kalani are made with luxurious fabrics and come in some breathtaking prints! Fortunately, with SWELL’s extensive selection, there is a suit for every surfer girl who wants to look great in a bikini… that actually stays on her body while she hits the waves! Let’s eliminate the term “Wardrobe Malfunction” from the surf dictionary!

Pictured bikini by L*Space Swim

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