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We’ve been hearing a lot lately about surfers/skaters/videographers Alex Klein and Bryon Derballa’s monumental documentary and blog, God Went Surfing With The Devil: A Documentary About Life In The Middle East. Currently only 22 days into their journey, the American pair and their growing crew post real-time dispatches from Israel and Gaza. Having gained the attention of major media outlets world wide their story has become a real-life Truman Show of sorts, with independent fan websites and message boards rumored to have launched this past week. Here’s a brief post from April 29:

“The warning came abruptly.
‘TZEVA ADOM… TZEVA ADOM…’ Everyone had roughly twenty seconds to find shelter before the Qassams struck. Tearful children and frantic mothers ran for their lives. The bomb shelter was crowded. Everyone huddled together. Some wept, others prayed, many fearful, and one or two nervous giggles. The bombs exploded and the crowds emerged gingerly. A few drove home, shaken. Others returned to play as though nothing had happened”



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