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Top 10 Environmental Surfers An Earth Day Tribute to Surfers Striving For a Cleaner Planet

10. Matt Wilkinson -Hussles Trees

It may not be his favorite kind of green, but Wilco’s eco-friendly tree pledge is keeping him fit for a big run in 2013.  Get his gear here.

9. Nate Tyler -Livin’ off the Land

Nate’s fully self sustaining Cayucos ranch doesn’t only help the earth, but makes him the healthiest surfer on the planet. Well…that, and his high performance Volcom surf gear.

8. Jack Johnson -Singing for Surfrider

Jack is one of the most active members of Surfrider’s Oahu chapter. He regularly embarks on solo beach cleanups, and performs at Surfrider events. Join Jack and see all his Surfrider swag here.

7. James Pribram -The Eco Warrior

Our hometown hero doesn’t just seek and destroy oceanic threats like the Pacific garbage path, but he even saved a girl from drowning on a random day in Laguna town.

6. Stephanie Gilmore -Projecting to the Masses


The sport of surfing owes 5x World Champ Steph of Quiksilver a debt of gratitude for her activist attitude in the mass media, and official ambassadorship of International Surfing Day

5. Kelly Slater -Hates Monsanto

Whats Slater’s secret to success? A balanced diet of no bullshit. He rides for Quik.

4. Kyle Thiermann -Surfing for Change

Recipient of Surfrider’s Pro Surfer award, Kyle ebraces the info age with an impactful web series making a big splash on social media.

3. Malloy Brothers -Creative Conservationists

A trio of Journeymen documenting the woes and wonders of the natural world. With Patagonia Co. backing them, big things are on the horizon. Watch them womping in Come Hell or High Water

2. Jon Rose -Waves for Water

Rosey is another Laguna local making major impact on a global stage. Hurley’s Waves for Water provides humanitarian relief to the indigenous people of our favorite surf destinations.

1 Dave Rastaoich -Mind in the Water

Words dont do justice for the amount of time Rasta has put his life on the line to save our seas and the creatures in them. Rast ride for Billabong, VZ, and Sanuk.

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