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SWELL Summer Surfboard Guide 2013

Need help selecting your summer shred-stick? Check out SWELL’s quiver that has a magic board for anyone in every  surf condition.


Catchsurf Beater: Dont get barred by the blackball… surf it, skim it, or sponge it anywhere.
Catchsurf Odysea: Air-drop into that wedgey shore-pound, and don’t sweat snapping your stick.



Infinity 5F: Increase your wave-count with this fast, loose, versatile board that’s easy to paddle.
Pier Pony: The preferred board of Brett Simpson for flicking and sticking little airs in HB slop.


Firewire Potatonator: Full rails and wide hybridtail give a shortboard feel, w/ longboard stability
SUPERbrand The Craft II: Launch like Dion with this experimental progressive template

Timmy Reyes breaks down the Potatonator’s versatility…


T.Patterson The Pill:  Throw down aggressive speed turns on this stylish wave catching machine.
Lost Whiplash: The unofficial board of Lower Trestles, the whiplash is pure progression.

Taj dismantles Jeffery’s Bay on The Whip


Rusty Big Cat: Sit out the back, and roll into some bombs with this “big guy friendly” Rusty shape.
FireWire Alternator: Rounded pin power gives you the drive to surf overhead waves like it’s 2-4ft.


Vardeman Classic: Single-fin fun with traditional down-the-line style. Head to San-o & walk the nose.
FireWire Crossfire: Hybrid outlines and materials lets you go vertical and change up your fin set-up.

Taylor Jensen shreds toward an ASP world title on his Firewire Flexlight…

Need more help picking the perfect surfboard for your favorite break? Give us a call, and we’ll get you dialed 1-800-255-7873. Ask for Billy, Morgan, or Dave. Or Email Bill@SWELL.COM

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