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Meet Your Maker | Billabong Designer Ed


SWELL tracked down the man behind the Showdown shirt and the best wovens for the fall. Eddie at Billabong is a true legend, heres why he’s claiming contrast pockets are pertty happnin’

Tell us about the pattern origin

Eddie:  The pattern was actually inspired by ethnic prints and patterns we came across in our travels. It’s a dyeing technique called Ikat and its been used all over the world ranging from Southeast Asia to South America to the Middle East and even further

billabong showdown

1 thing you cant travel without: I hate to say it but it’s probably my iPhone..I feel naked without it
Superstitious about: finding a penny on the ground with the tails side up…I won’t pick it up, its bad luck
Favorite thing about designing for Bong: I wore Billabong when I was a kid and still do, so to be a part of the design process now and seeing my product on my grom, is pretty rad. Also, it has to be working with all the boys in M&D…It’s a pretty tight crew we have here and it makes work fun. LL0O6379Mentor: Don’t want to name drop but our new mens design director (Josh Cook, sorry Ed)…I have worked with him a long time and he’s got a lot of knowledge in the industry. We also used to be roommates back in the day so we have known each other for a long time.

Where can you be spotted on a Saturday night: I’d have to say at a bar having some drinks with friends… but most of my Saturday nights would be hanging out with my 2 groms and wife messing around the house.
What youd eat for your last meal: My moms steak, rice, and broccoli
Favorite fall styles: I’d have to say a lot of pieces in our Garage Collection
What to wear with the showdown shirt: You could dress it up with a nice pair of our chino pants, like The Carter or The Outsider, for your night out, or roll up the cuffs and wear some shorts and flip flops for your Sunday Funday..You’ll be styling either way…haha

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