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DIY: Wetsuit Alterations


Have an old fullsuit that you don’t mind altering to the point of voiding the warranty? Save some scratch on a new suit, and convert your old wetty into a springer! Even if the seams are shot and holey, a few cuts gives it a new life for warm water sessions.

Warning: Cutting or altering your suit voids it from the manufacturer’s warranty

Scissors. The sharper and longer, the better
Wetsuit Glue, or Rubber Cement
Piss Off Wetsuit Shampoo
24 oz Canned Beverage

Desired Length


-Start by comparing another springsuit to reference your ideal length
-We recommend cutting above the knee and elbow to minimize rashes and resistance



-Turn the suit inside out before cutting to hide any sloppy score marks
-Avoid uneven sleeve/leg lengths by vertically folding the suit in half before marking & cutting
-Using a ruler, mark your cutting path with chalk
-Err cutting on the long side, try on, then cut shorter if necessary



-Have another person hold the opposite ends tight for easy cutting
-Do not use razor blade or exacto knife
-If you have heavy duty scissors, cut both legs/arms with long smooth strokes

Touching Up


-If you cut through any seams, hem with wetsuit glue or rummer cement so stitching doesn’t unravel
-Allow 24 hrs for glue to dry before taking in the water.

DIY Tall Coozie


-Reuse the neoprene arm scraps by wrapping the narrowest sleeves around a tall boy
-Cut off excess rubber for an open ended coldie holdie with core score
-If your pee in your suit, use Piss Off suit shampoo before use

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