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Storm Surfers 3D Movie

Surfing latest blockbuster film features the true grit of our sport. Tom Carroll and Ross Clark-Jones tackling Tasmanian devil waves in 3D. It might have that mainstream feel, but this big wave pioneering documentary is as core as it get. Tom and Ross are making a special appearance at the Premier in Santa Monica, come meet the legends.

When: 20 July, 7:30pm
Where: Santa Monica, Ca at The Aero Theatre
More: Premier locations around the world here.

Tom Carroll Fact Sheet

-First person to really bring training into pro surfing.
-Signed surfing’s first million-dollar contract with Quiksilver.
-Boycotted South African surfing events in 1985 due to apartheid in that country.
-“Best to ever surf Pipeline” according to Kelly Slater
-First goofy foot world champion (x2)
-Number 7 on Surfer Magazine’s list of the “Greatest Surfers of All Time”


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