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Photo Tip | Follow the Light Edition -Trevor Moran

Jamie Moran;

Trevor’s Photo Tip: Light it up.  The East Coast has the brownest and murkiest water of anywhere I’ve ever seen.  Even with bright sunshine, the barrels here become so dark its difficult to get any sort of proper exposure or contrast.  Using a flash to fill the dark cave allows for a balanced exposure to match the ambient light outside of the barrel, giving the photo much more contrast and pop while still being subtle with the flash.  The most important part of shooting with a flash is practice and patience.

Figuring out the right exposure combination for certain situations takes a lot of experimentation – the first tries will be a lot of “deer in headlights” effect from having improper ambient vs strobe ratios but with practice the scene will become more balanced.  In the water patience is key, you only get one flash (two if your lucky) so there’s no motor drive and you have to shoot the frame at the last possible second.

More about FTLF Finalist, Trevor Moran

Favorite Surfer to Shoot:  My brothers – more trust and willingness to push our limits than anyone else.

His Whip:  Nissan “Morano”.  I quite literally live out of that thing.

Daily Driver Camera:   Fuji X100 

Heaviest Water Situation:  Took a freak set on the head during a hurricane at a deep water spot in Cape Cod.  Surfers went in so I was out swimming by myself and got so worked I pulled a charliehorse in both legs and had to ditch my housing to use both arms to swim in.

Pre-Sesh Tunes:  Fast, heavy, and loud – so pretty much any 80’s and 90’s metal.  Motorhead, Danzig, Metallica, Pantera, Motley Crue. Though I listen to much softer music the night before to calm down and get my head into the right place.

Favorite 80’s Movie:  Back to the Future by a long shot.  Gleaming the Cube and Gremlins are up there too.

Everyone knows my name at: Apple Stores.  I must have pissed off someone because I’ve been cursed.  Just google “Trevor Moran Apple Store”

Cant camp without:  Ear Plugs.  Too many sleepless nights thanks to crickets and rising swell.  

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FTLF 2013 postcard

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