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taj burrow boost mobile pro

In what was a very fitting end to the contest to end all contests, The OC Tavern was ripped a new one as friends and fans came out to celebrate the finale of The Boost Mobile Pro 2008. And despite a very narrow loss to Slater (which led to his 9th world championship) Taj Burrow proved there are no hard feelings when you have hard alcohol. Click the jump to see more photos.


Do you know this douche? If so, please let us know. He claimed he was best friends with Taj and therefore entiled to molest our poor Nicki. She called him an A-hole and he told her friends he was in love.

OC Tavern Boost Mobile Pro 2008

Thirsty people, tiny bar. One of life’s great obsticles.


boost mobile pro 2008 party

40 oz. to deafness. If you can’t tell by the wife-beater and  bald head, the band is a Sublime tribute act. And if it wasn’t for date rape, honestly, they would never get laid.


boost mobile pro 2008 party

When you’re partying on OC, you really are just another pretty face in the crowd.




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