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Festival Wishlist Vol. 1 | Tomorrowland SWELL Summer Intern Jodie Picks the Best in Festivals Around the World


Put this as number one on your festival bucket list -July 26-28 2013! 

The Tomorrowland venue is a shroom trip in itself. In the town of Boom in Belgium, this is possibly the most eccentric festival of them all. This festival has an electronic music scene and 185,000 people from over 75 countries around the world. Packages start around $200, some even include flights and accommodations for Dreamville.

Weather: Fluctuates, usually swimsuit weather until sundown….but plenty of body heat

Other Essentials: Disposable camera, language translator, bright clothes, glitter, find my phone app

Lodging: Dreamville – A tent city of 35,000 frothing festival goers. Dreamville has a marketplace with a tea house, fresh bakery, and holds the warming up party called “The Gathering”.

Intern Approved TomorrowLand Outfit


RVCA FLAT OUT BEACH TOWEL : Keep dry with this RVCA flat out beach towel! might even double as a blanket when you pass out on the grass
BILLABONG STOP FOR FUN BACKPACK: Bring a back pack to store food and drinks and other miscellaneous items that you kooks will need. Watch your back and keep everything together, People are sketch and hungry.

BILLABONG INVERT TIE DYE BOARD SHORT: You will most likely get drinks spilt down your body and maybe pee your board shorts of excitement. Don’t worry, they will dry up quick in this weather!

VOLCOM ELROY SS SHIRT: Volcom tee with shrooms?  Might be a great conversation starter to make foreign friends with free treats!

NIXON MELLOR WATCH: Nixon watch is a necessity, make sure you don’t miss your favorite DJ coming up next while you’re being distracted by all the crazy art and decorations

REPLAY HOLD ON SUNGLASSES: Protect your eyes with replay hold on sunglasses, a reasonable price incase you loose them in the crowd.

Just take a look at last year’s highlight reel. Fan of electronica or not, if this doesnt get you psyched…you might be dead.

Tomorrowland_girlCheck back next week to see where Jodie the intern is planning to party this summer

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