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East Coastin Tour Send Off for the Dude and His White Van


Swell’s most colorful (in terms of nail color and personality) surfer is embarking on an East Coast escapade; surfing, stylin’, and living in a white van down by the river (or wherever he can get away with really). Swell sent him off today with a sparkly banner, clean and freshly stickered van, and two economy-sized boxes of Cheez-Its. 

Read on for more pics and good stuff.


(If you see this van do not believe the “free candy” or “model scout” Sharpie signs)


Follow him as he charges from the Gulf of Mexico up through the East Coast; reporting on waves, parking tickets, surf shops, and whatever else he catches while living in his white van. You can follow his travels on Swell’s blog, or on Core Shop Direct’s twitter for more candid accounts of the Dude and his white van. It’s Dude’s Gone Wild, East Coast. The journey has begun.


Have any East Coast tips for scoring waves, living on government cheese, or living in a white 12—seater? Leave ‘em here or drop them off at Core Shop’s twitter for him to pick up. The Dude abides.

Follow the Dude’s tour on Twitter HERE

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