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Coachella Lineup Countdown: Beach House

Looking for an escape from dubstep and confetti cannons at Coachella? Then Beach House will deliver your indie fix with tons of street cred.beachhead

Genre: Dream Pop
Motherland: Balitmore, MD
Band Members:
French-born Victoria Legrand
Baltimore native Alex Scally
Latest album: “Bloom” Released May 15th, 2012
Random facts: This is a boy-girl duo, not a romantic couple.
-Their debut album they finished recording in just 2 days without a record label.
-Alex Scally never played the guitar until Beach House was formed.
-Their second album “Teen Dream” was recorded in a converted church in upstate New York.
-Victoria Legrand sang in a Led Zeppelin cover band in high school.
Must Hear Track: Myth

Reason to see live: The perfect sync of Victoria’s dreamy voice and droning keyboard tied in with the all-around radiant sounds of Alex’s soothing chord tones and nimble slide-guitar riffs
Beach House Facebook Fans: 340K
Also Heard In: Volkswagen commercial that ripped off their track “Take Care”
Self Proclaimed: “We’re having technical difficulties with too much MDMA, we’re gunna start the song over” Victoria Legrand at Glastonbury 2010
Playing Coachella: Friday, April 19th 
Style: Striped Tees, Combat boots, White pants

beach house band

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