Surf Shirts…Yes, for Surfing
January 31, 2012

Surf Shirt, Rashguard or Thrashguard…who cares? You should, because surf companies finally bridged the gap between wearing that super-hero spandex top, and a soggy stretched-out cotton tee. The goal of the “Surf Shirt” aims to provide a top that protects watermen from UV rays and rashes, without making you look like a barn.

10 years ago companies came out with surf shirt that were stiff, non-breathable, and easily became caked in surf wax. Today’s Surf Shirts feature the same soft heathered fabric blend you love in street tees, combined with flexible, quick drying fabric. This improved functionality means you can wear surf shirts in and out of the water, without leaving a snail-trail on seat-backs after getting wet.

Top watermen around the world are wearing hybrid clothing to stay prepared for an impromptu session. Here’s 5 random reasons why hybrid clothing can come in handy for you.
1. Pit stains wont dry
2. Need to wash off bird poop
3. Frequently follwed by rain clouds
4. Gatorade bath after winning the big game
5. Girl’s tend to pour drinks on your head