Surf Camp -Top Schools and Gear Check out the best surf schools, and get geared up to learn from local legends
April 20, 2012

Regardless of skill level, no grom-hood is complete without a party-wave filled surf camp. Learning your shrediquette from a legendary local instructor is a crucial step towards parent-free beach days and earning your spot in the line-up. So Listen up parents, even if you dont live by the beach, send your kids to a surf camp. They will return with the confidence and strength that no other recreation provides.

Billabong camps are famous for featuring local pros and epic surf ambassadors to teach the next generation of surfers how to do it in style. Here’s two Bong camps that have been spreading stoke to thousands of aspiring surfers.


Voted as Orange County’s Best Surf Coach (OC Weekly 2011) Stephen “Slidawg” Chew guarantees to get your grommet up on some Hakama peelers. For 20 years the camp has been perched in the epicenter of Laguna’s surf community at Thalia Street where campers have their pick of Reef rights, sandy lefts and shore-break mini-tubes.

Slidawg teaches kids a double dose of style and ability in the water, and the classic vernacular only heard in Laguna Beach.

1) The camp starts at 9am with some serious instruction about ocean safety from the certified surf instructors.
2) Next the trainees learn the rules of the reef, proper paddling, duck diving and getting to your feet.
3) Softboards and suits are provided, but bringing yours is a good opportunity to get more familiar with your sled.
4) The fun doesn’t stop at the sand, they get daily grinds at a local eatery, and the kids are hooked up with a Billabong backpack filled with swag from the top names in surf. Camp ends at 2pm.
5) Sign up before June 25 and save 20%. Watch a week in the waves at the Laguna Beach Surf School here.


Learn to surf on the same waves that Kelly Slater took his first rides. The Quiet Flight Surf School posts up at the super user-friendly beach breaks of Cocoa Beach, Florida. Quiet Flight has shaped world class surfboards since 1972, and boards are available for campers of any skill level.

Week long camps run Mon-Fri 3/28/12-8/10/12 . Fill out registration here and email it to

Surf Camp essentialsHere’s five important pieces of gear to get keep you stoked and get the most out of surf school.

1) Dakine Heavy Duty Rashguard protects from rashes, sunburns and wind chill. Forget this at camp one day, and it will be your last.

2) Contour Waterproof Cameras capture your first wave, turn, floater or air. Mount or hold, just don’t miss the shot!

3) Zinka colored sunscreen is like the Flintstones vitamins of sunscreen. Kids will be asking YOU to re-apply the colorful stuff.

4) Xcel Wet/Dry Bags keeps that soggy urine soaked wetsuit off your car upholstery after day-camp.  Stow all your soggy gear, and rinse out the bag when you get home.

5) Catch Surf soft-tops are a safe, forgiving and affordable way to work on your surf skills. Bring your own to camp and get dialed into your board.