SUMMER IN THE STATES With Brixton's Troy Elmore.
July 12, 2017

Summer in the US of A = fun waves and warmer waters. For Brixton family member Troy Elmore, it also means putting his own recently created templates to the test at some of California’s punchiest beachbreaks (with a side of wedges thrown in, of course).

Join us as we chat to the part time surfer / part time shaper / full time legend about his new clip taming his local breaks of So-Cal with ease, with a few Nicaraguan gems thrown in for fun!

Yeah Troy. Congrats on the new video part! Where did you shoot it? There’s a few different spots and water temps.
Hey thanks! Glad you guys liked it. It was mostly southern California spots, couple days at Churches, Oceanside, Cardiff, and the warm water stuff was in Nicaragua.

How many sessions did it take?
Shoot I don’t know I think all the footage used was probably from like 10 different sessions? 

Who filmed and edited it?
It was mostly shot by Bob Hoste and edited by Bob also.

You ride a heap of different boards which you shape yourself. What’s your favorite right now? Those little twin fins look insane.
Thanks, I really like riding everything I think that’s what makes surfing fun is mixing it up and learning how to surf each board appropriately, but if i had to choose one i would pick my twin fin. You can ride them in pretty much everything and they’re so loose and fast it feels like you’re riding a skateboard.

When did you first get into the shaping game?
I probably started shaping about 4 years ago but it didn’t take over my life until the last year or two.

What’s the best thing about being part of the Brixton family?
All the people I’ve met through Brixton. Just being a part of the family.

What’s next for Troy Elmore?
Hopefully just doing the same stuff, I feel pretty lucky to be doing what I’m doing. More surfing and more travelling would be awesome! 

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