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June 7, 2014
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Getting tired of seeing bold type face prints with sayings like “SWAG” or “BALL SO HARD” slathered all over them? Then check the stories on these sublimate printed tanks, as seen in SWELL’s June Catalog. We spoke with some of the brands behind these awesome Photo-Graphic styles from Matix and Reef.

Matix “Lazy Days” Tank With Featured Photographer Drew Martin

matix tanks at

SWELL: What type of stuff do you usually shoot?
Drew: I shoot mostly lifestyle, adventure, outdoor, surf and travel, which all kind of fit it together.

SWELL: Who is the surfer pictured? Is there anything you like about shooting this rider in particular?
Drew: The photo on the tank is of Matix rider, Turkey Stopnick, I love shooting with him because he is so consistent. He makes nose riding look so easy, yet it’s not. He’s also very creative, and tries new things on waves that one may not think of. I always have to keep the camera ready when I’m shooting with Him.

SWELL: Where was this shot taken?
Drew: The photo on the “Lazy Days” tank was shot at Church or Churches, not sure which is correct, but part of Trestles area in San Clemente.
Drew Martin - Photographer
SWELL: Where can we see more of your work?
Drew: At the moment, the best place to see my favorite work, is Instagram and my tumblr.

Reef “Incoming” Tank With Mike Losness
Reef surf apparel for men
SWELL: The “Incoming” print features an image that is all to familiar to surfers, endlessly waiting for something that may forever remain elusive. Do you feel that the all-over nature of sublimate printing helped convey this feeling on the tank?
Mike: Yeah the all over print is rad. I think the large application of photography helps to really elaborate the meaning and story behind the lens.

SWELL: Images on sublimate prints look great now, but is there anything special that needs to be done to preserve the print quality on these pieces?
Mike: I think sublimated prints are suppose to be subtle in color with a washed out appearance. They just get better with time as the color is meant to almost have a faded appearance.

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