So you think you can surf XXL?
November 8, 2010

Here Aussie big wave charger Mark Visser gives us a lesson in big wave surfing preparation:

Press play and hold your breath!
(Only 2:20 seconds to go)

If holding your breath underwater for 2min 20 seconds isn’t hard enough, Visser accomplishes this after blowing out all of his air and swimming 50 meters across a pool. While Mark claims he can hold his breath underwater for more than 5 minutes, this particular stunt is freakishly impressive due to distance he covers after expelling all of his oxygen reserves.¬†

With training like this it’s no wonder that this madman¬†received¬†3 nominations for the XXL awards in his first year of big wave competitions alone.. not to mention many others since.

Check out his promo video here and start your breathing exercises if you ever want to take your surfing to the major leagues:

Mark Visser Promotional Video 2010 from Fortrus Sports on Vimeo.