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SeaMade: Surf Camping Guide


Before we starting saying, “see you next year” to our beloved bikinis, let’s not forget how rad Indian Summers are in California. It’s that time of year when tourists go home, waves are pumping, and sun still blazes strong. September and October are two of the best wave months in California due to a usually steady combo of north and south swells. Combine fair weather and a plethora of waves, and you have yourself one great reason to hit the road for a surf camp trip. To get you going in the right direction, I’ve put together a little list of my favorite campgrounds that have potential for great fall surf nearby. Onward!
Pictured: Billabong Wetsuit/ The Laundry Room Tank / One Teaspoon Short


* San Elijo, San Diego: Cardiff Reef and countless other rock reef peaks a stones throw from your camp spot.

* San Onofre, Orange County: Home to longboarders paradise at San O proper and all the Trestles ramps are just up the beach.

* Point Mugu, Ventura: Smack dab in between LA and Ventura, meaning your close to a ton of great surf spots, hiking, and Duke’s hula pie. Wait, what? I meant s’mores.

* Somewhere in Big Sur: The surf is pretty wild and can be sketchy along this remote coast, but well worth a stop to hike and delve into nature.

* Natural Bridges, Santa Cruz: Absolutely beautiful beach, complete with massive rock arch and grouchy locals. Just mind your own business and give the men in gray suits a punch on the snout.

* Pacifica, San Mateo County: Merely 20 minutes south of San Fran. Well worth the fresh air and serenity before hitting the city.

* Pause on the camping- Ocean Beach, San Francisco: Where the city meats the ocean- both equally raging. Only camping you’ll find in these parts is a small city campground called Rob Hill that charges $125 per night. Get a room for that price and hit the nightlife!

Don’t forget to pack your…
Just a few camping essentials that always make the cut.
Poler Nap Sack / Poler One Man Tent / Poler Head Light / Surfrider Water Bottle / Sun Bum Sunscreen

Well, this is the point where I check out and don’t spill my northerly secrets. Northern California boasts a plethora of rugged surf and land to pitch a tent. I’ll leave you with this quote to inspire your next adventure…

“Happy. Just in my swim shorts, barefooted, wild-haired, in the red fire dark, singing, swigging wine, spitting, jumping, running—that’s the way to live. All alone and free in the soft sands of the beach by the sigh of the sea out there.”
-Jack Kerouac , The Dharma Bums
Pictured: The Laundry Room Tank (free gift with any Laundry Room purchase)

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