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SeaMade: Interviews | ASP Rookie Dimity Stoyle

Started form the bottom now she’s there…slashing her way to a 9.13 at the Roxy Pro last week. Photo: ASP/Cestari

As ASP’s breakthrough performer of 2013, young Aussie Dimity Stoyle is making her debut into the big leagues as a rookie on the world tour this year.  With a solid goal to make it onstage to pop some champagne in celebration of a WCT win, this rookie is bound to give the vets a run for their money.

Juxtaposed with her competitive nature is a creative nature that loves to paint, hand-shape boards, and tune into quality music. Full of passion and gratitude for the tour lifestyle, Dimity is one to inspire and motivate surfers all over the world. Read on for a glimpse into the mind of Dimity…

Dimity, making magic happen on all types of wave sliding tools. Video from dimity stoyle

I learned to surf really young- my family always spent a lot of time down at the beach.

To stay focused but relax & have fun during downtime on tour I surf as much as I can. For me that’s the best way to keep focused. I love to go on adventures and experience every place I go to. We have the best opportunity to see the world so I try to make the most of it!

My training consists of surfing, yoga and training in the gym for strength and conditioning to stay fit. I spend a lot of time training at the Surfing Australia High Performance Centre. They have been supporting me over the last year and I’m really lucky to be able to train there with the best in Australia.

My favorite tour stop is Snapper Rocks! It’s one of the best places in the world. Although I’m really looking forward to Trestles this year. I’m so excited to travel to cool new places and surf amazing waves with only one other girl in the water. It’s going to be a dream.

When I’m not surfing, I love hand shaping fun surfboards. I love painting them and I don’t like riding white surfboards. I love seeing people play music live and collecting vinyl records, new and old.

My 5 travel essentials are:

  1. Surfboards!
  2. Film camera (they turn ordinary photos into something special)
  3. Noise canceling headphones
  4. Half size guitar
  5. Paint or paint pens

I’m inspired by people who do what ever they want to do in life, and who are having the best time in the world!

My words to live by are: HAVE FUN AND DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!

Dimity’s favorite non-contest surf zones are sprinkled across the Indian Ocean from Sumbawa to the Malé Atolls. Malé Atolls from Brandon Rooney.

Words & Interview by Madison Olson

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