SCHS Surf Team Spotlight: Shaw Kobayashi
April 1, 2009


Quick: What’s “short, funny and frothing”, and currently reigns as the NSSA High School State Champ?

That would be none other than San Clemente High School’s Shaw Kobayashi.

But State Champ is just one of many victories. Shaw has earned in his impressive 10-year competitive career. However, it’s the title of being a top ranking ASP pro surfer that currently has Shaw’s full attention. Which is exactly what his team managers and coaches are positioning him for.


Although still a junior, the natural footer’s has already entered and performed well at a few 1 and 2-star WQS events, including O’Neill’s prestigious Coldwater Classic.

Better known to his friends as Shaw Shank, the 16 year old lists Indonesia, Hawaii, Panama, Costa Rica and Japan as a handful of world class destinations he’s toured.  Next on his list is Australia’s Gold Coast.

Claiming his friends would best describe him as “Asian, short and funny”, Shaw’s good natured humor have most knowing that few things out his mouth can be taken seriously. However, once his competition jersey is pulled on, his demeanor quickly changes to deadly serious.

This quick-change talent from funny guy to ferocious competitor is a skill that’s served him well. As one of the few to have earned a Varsity spot on SCHS’ team as a freshman, and now with his acclaimed State title, Shaw continues to be an inspiration and role model to thousands of young surfers throughout the country.

AGE: 16
HEIGHT: 5 ft. 4in.
SPONSORS: O’Neill, Jack Ocean Sports, Ocean Minded, and VonZipper
MOTTO: Just do it
INJURIES: Nothing to bad, knock on wood
FIRST BOARD: It was a BYB board. I always thought its name meant “bring your board”,  so when I was little I never forgot my board .
CURRENT BOARDS AND SETUP: I’m flexible on my current board setup; mostly swallow tails
GOALS FOR THE SEASON: To make heats and the finals for the WQS and the pro juniors
OTHER HOBBIES: Hacky sack with my buds
ANY UNUSUAL SKILLS OR TALENTS OUTSIDE OF SURFING:  I can karate kick you in the face
FAVORITE PROS: Joel Parkinson for his style, Jordy for his turns, and Dane R. for his airs
FAVORITE MUSIC / BANDS: Too many. Check out my iPod
RANDOM THINGS PEOPLE MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU: I’m a fast texter, a neat freak, a germaphobic, and a super frothier kid
BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Getting on the surf team as a freshmen and winning the NSSA state champs in ‘ 09
ANY SHOUTOUTS? Thanks to my coach, my sponsors, and my family and friends for supporting me.