February 7, 2008


Our on-the-spot reporter Elsa Gomes-Wingett braved life and limb to bring us compelling images from the front lines of the California Coastal Commission’s hearing on Toll Road Extension 241. Here, we can clearly see that even the beautiful people took time out to show their support for saving Trestles and San Onofre State Beach. Ultimately, the extension would be vetoed by a vote of 8 to 2.


An estimated 3,500 people attended the hearing, including bus loads of students, industry supporters, and concerned citizens. All attendees who registered at the Surfrider Foundation tent were provide tickets for a free lunch. Incredibly, after the last of the thousands of lunch boxes were passed out, remaining individuals were given $10 to purchase food from nearby vendors.


As anticipated, all walks of like came to show their support.


The decision was a major setback for the Transportation Corridor Agencies, which has spent years and tens of millions of dollars preparing to construct the 16-mile tollway as an alternative to Interstate 5.


“I am very dissappointed because there was a number of things that did not match up with the testimony given,” said Tom Margro, the chief executive officer for the toll road agency in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. He expects the authority will take some time to examine the vote and to determine what it means to the future of the project. He also added that it is likely the commission’s decision will be appealed to the federal government.