November 6, 2007



A few months ago, our buyers had the keen insight of picking up a new eyewear line that had been getting major hype over its hooligan roots and guerrilla-style marketing. I mean come on, a company that has “Support Mental Health Or I’ll Blow You’re Fucking Head Off” bumper stickers is worth investigating. And so marked the welcoming of Sabre Vision into our family.


In their own words, Sabre (as in a sabretooth tiger, an homage of sorts to the early board graphic of Natas Kaupas) is “a definitive raw social reaction to the saturated corporate surroundings. Our psychedelic anarchists are re-creating a new original balance of creativity, community and lifestyle.”

Yeah, well we just think their cool and different looking. A blend of sorts between the streetwise greaser steeze of the ’50’s and the edginess of the modern ’80’s, they’re definitely not something you’d see your mom wear. Which is exactly what collaborators Christian Fletcher and Brooke McGregor were aiming for.


Check out the styles we’re rocking below.

sabre-1.jpg sabre-2.jpgsabre-3.jpgsabre-4.jpgsabre-5.jpg