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Travel Tips | Cooler Luggage The Roark Adventure Junkies Show Us How To Pack Light & Save Cervezas

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Laguna Beach local Brandy Faber is the Marketing Director At Roark and a connoisseur of crawling through Cabo. Here’s his hybrid packing techniques for staying stocked an stoked. 

The first time I went to Cabo we went straight to the store from the airport. One of our purchases was a Styrofoam cooler that we stocked with the important essentials of beer and water to have while we surfed on the desolated East Cape.10311323_1426719617590556_2090986821_n

The Styrofoam cooler didn’t hold up very well and I was bummed to have been so environmentally irresponsible to have used Styrofoam. Upon checking in for our flight home I noticed many coolers, real coolers, manly coolers, in the baggage check area. Being my first time to Cabo I didn’t realize what was going on here but all these mainly coolers were filled with freshly caught fish by Americans who were taking their catch back home.


The more I started traveling the more I tried to pack as light as possible since surfers are always lugging heavy board bags around. The next opportunity to Cabo arose and I figured out a few things.:

a) I wanted a real cooler on this trip, which could not only hold more beer but also would hold up to the bumpy roads on the East Cape.

b) If I only brought the essentials then I could pack all my gear inside my cooler. Yes, my cooler became the ultimate Samsonite suitcase!

Here’s the Roarkian way:

1. Pack all you none fragile gear inside your cooler and board bag. Usually surfboard and related items like leash, fins, wax, towel, wetsuit top, tie downs, etc. all go inside the board bag.

2. All clothes, toiletry bag, sunscreen, Cliff Bars, books, etc. go inside the cooler.

3. Ticket, Passport, sunglasses, GoPro, electrical chargers, etc. go in your carry-on backpack. One very important thing is to bring a roll of packing tape. Most coolers don’t completely lock tight so the packing tape is used for tapping the cooler shut which prevents not only the top of the cooler blowing open and you stuff falling out but also prevents potential airline theft.

4. The best part is when checking in your cooler and the attendant asks what’s inside the perplexed look they give you when you say “my clothes” oh I thought you were fishing and then I answer I am for “Aluminum Head Trout”

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