RHYTHM PRESENTS: ‘WATER OVER SAND’ The latest from premier free surfer, Asher Pacey
August 20, 2017
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It’s no secret we are huge fans of premier free surfer, Mr. Asher Pacey, and with good reason. The past few years have seen the humble gent from Australia explode onto our screens through his profound ability to gracefully and elegantly trim from edge to edge in a variety of conditions, always throwing in a few big turns for balance and to keep things interesting.

To celebrate the launch of Rhythm’s ‘Water Over Sand’, we caught up with Asher himself to talk his go to boards, what makes the East Coast of Oz so special to explore, the key individuals that joined him along the project’s creation and much more.

Congrats on the new edit Asher! Tell us about the boards you surfed throughout the clip? They look epic!
Basically it was just the two boards. My ‘go to’ board which is the blue one is a 5’3 Which is super enjoyable in a wide range of conditions and the other being a 4’10 bat tailed number which is a whole lot of fun in smaller sized waves. Both of which are of Twin fin nature.

Have you got a favorite go to?
The 5’3 is a great all round board but it’s great to have options to switch it up for a different feel from time to time.

How many sessions did it take to put the clip together?
I guess the time frame was roughly over a week and in which there were days that not much happened. The waves were definitely nothing special but the aspect of surfing for most part alone makes it more enjoyable for me.

You’ve obviously surfed all over the world but there’s something special about surfing the East Coast of Australia, right? What do you love most about surfing around your beautiful coastline?
Australia is such a big country with an enormous amount of surfable coastline. The aspect I love the most is that it is very possible to find a wave without being immersed in a crowd. The autumn offshore days open up all the beaches which at that time of year can be really relaxing with good weather and temperatures.

Were you cruising solo with the filmer or did you have a crew with you? Is that how you normally roll?
Matt has been a good friend for many years now and I always enjoy his company and cruising around having a few laughs etc. I’m sure we are both in the same boat in the respect of traveling low key without a crew. People can and do get offended by crews of surfers with cameras so it’s been import for me to travel low key as to be respectful plus I like surfing by myself anyhow.

You’ve been with Rhythm for many years now. What’s the best thing about being part of the family?
Yeah, we have had a long and growing relationship which is been a cool journey. I’m personally not a fan of the term ‘family’ as realistically it’s never on that deep of level but it’s rad to be aligned with like minded people and as a brand I really like Rhythm’s concepts and direction.

What’s next for Asher Pacey?
What’s next? That’s a hard one but basically just taking it one day at a time. I try to be as proactive as possible in my endeavours and the calendar seems to be filling up quickly. Like anything in life you always make sacrifices as there are so many things I’d love to pursue but you won’t find me complaining as I am forever grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in life. The future excites me as there is so much to learn and enjoy in this beautiful world.