SWELL Eats: Shark Bite Tacos
August 9, 2013


Ready to create the ultimate Shark Week send-off? Although we’re sorry to say this recipe does not include three blonde babes acting as shark bait, there is still plenty of carnage to be had. On the menu: Shark Bite Tacos (Grilled shark taco with jalapeno aioli and beet + blood orange slaw). Dive in…

Like any solid street taco, there’s plenty of room to improvise here. More of a mango fan, throw that in. Like at little avo – who doesn’t? Add it. More of a health nut? Sub Greek yogurt for the mayo. You get the point. Don’t worry about being precise. Go with what tastes good, because it’s pretty tough to mess this one up. That said, here are some suggestions:

(Recipe below feeds 3-4)
*Thresher Shark – 1/2 pound per person is plenty
*Olive Oil
*Tortillas – see note at bottom about making your own. It’s far easier than one may think.

The Slaw:
*Raw Beets – 1 very large, grated
*Blood Oranges – 1 or 2, sectioned. Yes, regular as fine, but blood oranges add to the primal appeal
*Cabbage mix – a few solid handfuls
*Cilantro – small bunch, chopped
*Lime Juice – plenty, to taste
*Salt / Pepper – to taste

The Aioli:
*Garlic – a few cloves, mashed or chopped finely
*Jalapeno – 1/2 to 1,  mashed or chopped finely
*Mayo, Vegenaise, or Greek Yogurt – 1/2 to 1 cup
*Lime Juice – small squeeze
*Salt / Pepper – to taste


*Make the slaw. Mix the slaw ingredients together. Set aside. Slaw is done.
*Make the aioli. Smash or chop the garlic and jalapeno with some salt. Add to whichever creamy base you chose from the options above. Salt. Pepper. Squeeze of lime. Done.
*Grill the shark. Add some olive oil, salt and pepper, then toss it on the grill until the middle starts to cook. Pull it off. Shark is done.
*Assemble. I’m a fish, then slaw, then sauce type. But if you’re a sauce first type-a-gal, go with that.
*Pair with: Lost Coast Shark Bite. No doy.



The carnage.

You could buy store bought tortillas. They’re fine. But really good tortillas are a game changer. You can make them in about 10 minutes (or about 2 shark week commercial breaks). Check out the recipe here