November 13, 2007


With the hundreds of fan letters and emails we sift through everyday, there are a handful of questions that are constantly repeated. “Why are you so rad” and “Who gets to walk the models and clean-up their cages” are the most popular, as well as, “What do you do with the clothes and gear that are returned?” Truth be told, we donate it. But that’s not to say we dump it at a freeway offramp. We actually take it directly to the people themselves. This past weekend we partnered with The Rock’s outreach ministry Church Without Walls in San Diego to clothe dozens of very grateful individuals. And it wasn’t just a bunch of crappy beach sandals and boardies we were giving away, it was stylish, durable, quality items that will see these people well through the winter. It’s also important to note here that we don’t post stories like these simply to pat ourselves on our back. Our goal is to inspire other to do likewise. We’ll be hosting more of these events throughout the year, and will keep you posted on how you can take part as well.