Quiksilver Pro New York Merch Is In!
August 25, 2011

Official Quik Pro New York Merchandise Has Arrived!


With the waiting period of the first ever Quiksilver New York Pro just one week away, it’s about time we celebrate this long-awaited tidbit of East Coast history L.B. style (the other L.B.), with the release of the first-ever Quik NY Pro clothing collection.
True to form, the Right Coast celebratory collection has a far higher pro-to-bro ratio, boasting artist tees & performance boardshorts, topped off with embroidered accoutrement. As the first ASP Tour event to stop on the East Coast, with an unprecedented $1million dollar purse, you’re not just owning a tee, you’re ordering up a piece of official surfing history. Now cross your fingers for the appearance of the elusive East Coast swell.

Get your Official Quiksilver Pro New York Clothing at SWELL