Product Showcase: Placebo Rocket
August 30, 2010
5'5" Placebo Rocket

All those set waves we’d been giving away sessions past have finally paid off in pleasing the surf gods to the point of them hooking us up with golden tickets granting us access to the mysterious and strangely wonderful kingdom-cum-factory of the ever enigmatic PLACEBOMAN. Stoked out of our gourds we were as the earmuffs and paper bags were placed upon our domes for the limo ride over. When the darkness and silence at last lifted, light and sound having returned to us, there before us stood a one Mr. Rick Hazard–PLACEBOMAN’s stalwart right hand and keeper of the keys to the kingdom. He had with him, held aloft in his mighty hands, a weapon so fierce that at its mere mention a heaving 6-foot A-frame would collapse upon itself and crumble into a giant wall of mushburger. What Excalibur be this ye ask?! Behold the Placebo Rocket.