Product Showcase – CONTOUR GPS & 1080p – POV Cam Revolution!
May 16, 2011
Contour 1080p and GOS cameras

New to the SWELL line up are the Countour GPS and the Contour HD 1080p. These two palm-sized HD cameras boast crystal clear footage and enough features that’d even make James Bond jealous. So come along and check out what these two cameras have to offer.
Contour 1080p and GOS cameras


Most noticeable with these cameras is the slim, cylindrical-type shape. This low profile design lets the cam hug close to your body or helmet and go unnoticed when used as a hands free device. The name “Contour” definitely seems appropriate for these slender cams that virtually disappear when mounted anywhere.
Matt Hunter with Contour GPS
When not “wearing” the cameras, the 1080p and GPS work perfectly for impromptu handheld filming as well. The traditional camcorder-like design helps reduce the guesswork when aiming and thus dramatically improves the overall experience in general. Bottom line, they look like video cameras and they film like actual video cameras.


If the shape weren’t helpful enough, Contour added two laser beams to the front of the cams that project forward and guarantee the perfect shot. The lasers are especially awesome when lining the cam up on helmets or anywhere else that you can’t constantly monitor the device. Just press a button at the back and the two little beams give you an exact depiction of where you’re shooting. Never again will you need to take your gear off (or ask a buddy) to check if the camera’s actually recording the scenery in front of you. That means more POV footage and less shots of your feet or the sky.
Contour LASERS on!
The front lenses on the 1080p and the GPS are equally helpful. Both are mounted on rotating bezels that easily swivel and snap into 1 of 3 different 90 degree positions. This ensures you will always get an upright shot with no editing or rendering needed. That’s right! No more injuring your neck trying to bend it sideways when re-viewing your day’s footage -no matter where you decide to mount the cam. Well that is unless you forget to swivel the front lens, but unfortunately we won’t be able to help you out with that one.


The two-button design on both cams allows even the most technologically impaired users to easily record footage. Just power it on in the back, slide the extra-large recording button forward and BAM! You’re making movies! We passed the little device around the office and no one had a question of how to work the thing. It’s that simple!


Unlike other POV cameras on the market, the Contour cams come ready to shoot and edit straight out of the box. Included with each camera is a rechargeable battery, a computer cord (to upload footage/charge the camera), various camera mounts, a 2GB mini SD card for video storage, and free, downloadable editing software. Once you buy the camera, that’s it you’re ready to go, no extra costs to get it going. Sure some people may want to upgrade to a larger SD card, but for most the 2GB storage card is plenty to get you out there and recording some solid footage.

After you become comfortable with the camera (probably 15 minutes later) there are plenty of cool accessories and additional mounts available to take you filming to the next level! The waterproof housings are definitely a must for anyone wanting to film in the surf; But for those of you interested in shooting on the slopes, the tough water resistant body was made to withstand the most snowy of conditions. So you’ll never miss the shot, even if you are caught in an unexpected blizzard.

Contour HD Camera Accessories


Contour GPS Side View

Although slightly larger than the 1080p (still only 5.2 ounces), the Contour GPS will leave most technology buffs drooling. Besides boasting all features mentioned above, the camera includes two components that make it truly one of a kind: The GPS feature and the Connect View compatibility.

GPS Tracker
Story Teller ap Screen shot for contour GPS
As its name implies, the Contour GPS includes a remarkable inner GPS tracking device. The camera records exact location, altitude, and speed as you record your HD video. This adds a whole new dimension to the POV camera experience that truly brings your all your footage to life. With Contour’s free Storytelling program, you can plot your footage onto an interactive map and then easily share it with friends. And, with the ability to turn the GPS feature off, you can leave those secret surf spots or discreet backyard pools flying under the radar when you feel necessary.

Connect View Compatibility

Connect View Accessory for Contour GPS

The Connect View accessory turns your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a live streaming viewfinder for the GPS camera.This truly keeps the camera hands free and allows for POV filming like never before. The little chip plugs into the back of the camera and allows you to adjust the settings and view a live  feed all from the palm of your hand.

For those of you with an Android, right now a free app is in development for this same feature without the need to purchase any additional equipment. That means you will be able to stream live footage to your device straight out of the box! Just one more reason why the Contour GPS is already on all of our lists to Santy Claus..

For more info/pics check out all the cameras and the accessories here:

Contour 1080p HD Mounted on Surfboard
The Contour 1080p Surf – Wake Mount being put to good use!

About the Author: Morgan rides a segway to work and loves the color purple. He enjoys long walks on the beach, rollerblading, and the occasional game of leap frog (esp. while wearing his blades). He works as a pro-bono yoga instructor for swell, and manages the gear section in his spare time.

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