September 28, 2007


For most of us in the industry the arrival of fall is like the second coming of Christ. It’s a big, big deal. Florals turn to plaids, lightweight linen becomes heavy tweed, bare legs look to tights, and the hemlines will bring you to your knees. This season is especially major, much in part due to the re-arrival of grunge. While most trends re-circulate every 20 to 25 years, this heavy layered look with an I-don’t-give-a-piss attitude has been resurrected early. What can we say? Chic happens.

But unlike the understated thrift store vibe of 1992, grunge now has a more refined edge. The romper stomper Doc Martens have been replaced with sleek suede or leather boots with either flat or wedged soles. Plaid flannels are still kicking it, but now they feature shearling or faux fur trim. And most noticeably, the K-Mart thermal leggings have been replaced with pricey cable knit versions, or patterned knee-hi’s and tights. The resurgence of hats, particularly fedoras, is also in full effect. And from what we’ve seen nifty head toppers can make all the difference between a look that’s put together or looking like you put out. For a better visual, scope the season’s essentials below and then click to buy.