Pilates for Surfers A Quick, 20 Minute Surf Workout
January 26, 2012

Not quite as dedicated to chiseling the ideal performance surfing physique as Fanning? Fret not. Fellow SWELL-ites (SWELL-ans, SWELL-ers) Billy and Dave were nice enough to help demonstrate a few Pilates exercises that will help improve your strength and balance in the water, while only setting you back from diving into lineup for about 20 minutes.

The main goals for the session include…
1) Increasing overall performance:
* Improved muscle strength and endurance in the upper body, including the shoulder extensors, flexors and internal rotators, elbow extensors and flexors, and scapulae stabilizers
*Strengthen the core to increase balance
*Improve strength and flexibility of lateral flexors and rotators needed for more advanced maneuvers

2) Preventing injuries related to the high-impact nature of surfing (knee/ankle injuries) and overuse of certain muscle groups (shoulder/rotator cuff injuries)
*Practice proper recruitment of the rotator cuff muscles, scapulae stabilizers and upper back extensors.
*Practice proper foot and knee alignment, as well as strengthen the muscles around the knee/ankle joints to decrease the chance of knee and ankle injury
*Improve posture through correct recruitment of abdominals

3) Correct muscle imbalances that inherently developed through surfing
*Improve flexibility of hip extensors and lower back, as well as strengthening the abdominals to relieve lower back pain
*Promote balanced strength around the joints of the extremities and trunk.
*Strengthen the lower body to correct a weaker lower body in relation to a strong upper body.
*Increase pectoral and internal shoulder rotator strength to balance out the overuse of posterior deltoid, trapezius and upper back extensors

Naysayers be forewarned- this WILL be a challenging (ie, non-girly) 20 minutes. Enjoy!

Have questions about any of the exercises? Leave your comment below!