Introducing Contributing Photographer, Kelsey Finn
September 3, 2013

Welcome SWELL’s newest contributing photographer, Kelsey Finn! This mermaid of a photog made our heads turn with her whimsical underwater pics. Rainbows, frolicking dolphins and insanely cute, teeny bikinis often make cameos in the vacation-inspiring shots. Read on to learn more about the adventurous lady behind the lens…

Name: Kelsey Finn
Age: 23
Hometown: Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii
Follow Kelsey on Insta at @kelseyfinniscool

A note from Kelsey:
Aloha fellow Blog goers! I’m Kelsey Finn and I love anything related to the sea. From this love of the ocean, combined with my passion for taking pictures, I developed a personal hobby – underwater photography. As I grew up, my admiration of the ocean evolved and expanded every time I put on my snorkel gear, took a quick dip to find some seashell treasures, rode the nose on my log, and adventured to new hideaways on a kayak. I celebrate my love for the ocean now by taking photos underwater. I love capturing a couple’s interaction under the surface, the gracefulness of someone swimming, or the uniqueness of marine life.

Check back later this week for underwater photo tips from Kelsey!

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