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Photo Tip | Rambo Estrada Follow the Light Finalist Explains the Effects of Shutter Speeds


Name: Rambo Estrada
Home: Mt Maunganui, New Zealand
Years shooting: Land – 7, water – 2
Instagram: @ramboestrada

Generally with surf photos I shoot at around 1/1000th of a second to freeze the action for a crisp sharp image. But sometimes shooting at a slower shutter speed can give you some interesting results.You get a little movement in the wave and capture the aesthetic of motion. To keep the shutter open longer low light conditions are best, so dawn and dusk are good times to give it a go, which is sweet because you’re also likely to get some interesting colors when the suns peeping over the horizon. I usually shoot at around 1/50th of a second, but this photo was shot at 1/10th.


Slow shutter photos are a bit hit and miss and you’ll find you’ll have a lot more misses than hits, but when you nail one it’s really rewarding, and usually as the lights low it’s not ideal conditions to be shooting fast shutter speeds, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Trying new techniques is a lot of fun, and that’s the reason we start photography in the first place, so go out there and give it a go and keep smiling.


Rambo is 1 of 5 Follow the Light Finalists in the Running for a $5 Photography Grant Awarded at the US Open of Surfing on 7/29.  Stay Tuned for more insane surfscapes from these up and coming surf photographers

2014 Finalists:   Ryan Craig, Woody Gooch,  Seth de Roulet,  Rambo Estrada,  Dane Grady
FTLF 2013 postcard

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