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Photo Tip: Kelsey Finn

Photo Tip of the Week from our newest photo contributor, Kelsey Finn
Don’t be afraid to mix it up with lenses. Sticking to the usual, stock 18-55 mm lens that always comes with your camera body, can limit your growth as a photographer. If I had not ventured out and tried out different lenses, I never would have found my favorite. A wide angle, 10-20 mm, has proven to be the most reliable when shooting underwater. It allows more light to come in, so I am able to dive down deep without loosing too much clarity. It also allows me to cheat a little – I know, I know, cheating is bad, but come on, I need a little help when trying to photograph a difficult subject like a playful dolphin. What I mean is, I have better luck at capturing the subject since I have a bigger frame to work with.

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