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Behind the Cover | Pete Frieden


SWELL welcomes the exotic photo works of Pete Frieden, another lensman carrying on the legacy of Larry “Flame” Moore. After years of working with Flame at Surfing Magazine, he circled the globe covering the World Championship Surfing Tour.

Peter captured these critical images near his home in Bali and Hawaii’s iconic North Shore. Pete gives us some insight into his camera choice on the slab hunting missions in SWELL’s summer catalog.


Here’s the cover shot of John John at pipeline shot from sand with a  Canon 500 mm lens.



Both the Hobgoods shots here were shot with a Cannon Mark 4 camera body. CJ and Damo both defy gravity… and their age.



Gavin Beschen here cranking one hard off the bottom this winter during . Shot from a tripod on the sand at Eukai beach park.

towner_l_1025Java_Indo_Frieden_April_2012_ bowen_d_0414Java_Indo_Frieden_April_2012_ derham_skeet_4107_Sumatra_Indo_Frieden_May_2013_

This shot of Skeet was shot from a boat. It was super tough to stay in position, and had to keep one hand to stabilize the lens. The double-up section at Apocolypse is amazing though.

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