Pain Is Just Weakness Leaving The Body
February 24, 2009




We at Swell like to think of ourselves as an active bunch.

Any given day of the week, come lunchtime, you will probably witness a large group of us heading to a local gym OR hitting up a nearby trail OR heading to the beach to catch some waves…

 On the weekends, when waves suck, a lot of us roll to the mountains.

 California spoils us… Yes, we know.

In classic ‘Jackass’ fashion though, sometimes we hurt ourselves in pursuit of THE DREAM. For the last three Mondays, our cr3w has been struck down by the not-so-forgiving extreme sport Gods.

 Let our pain = your gain.


 (And please kids…don’t try this at home…)



Monday, February 9th, 2009
Name: Elsa
Location: Mammoth Mountain
Weapon of Mass Destruction: Snowboard
Result: A VERY black eye




Monday, February 16th, 2009
Name: Matt A.
Location: 949 Roller Hockey Center
Weapon of Mass Destruction: Hockey Stick
Result: Spiral Fracture of the Fibula 



 Monday, February 23rd, 2009
Name: Mikey V.
Location: Salt Creek
Weapon of Mass Destruction:5’8” Shortboard
Result: Broken nose (two places, OUCH!)


Who’s next? Hopefuly NO ONE, but who knows.